Welcome, Scholars!



Amazingly, it’s seems like just yesterday we welcome you and your family to the Rutgers Future Scholars program.  Remember to keep the spirit of the Rutgers Future Scholars Program in mind when you awake in the morning and prepare for a new day, as you walk through your schools and interact with your friends and teachers, and when you return home to your studies. Try your best to motivate and empower oneself and inspire other Scholars and youth to excel academically and socially.  As you continue to grow and evolve over the next few years, the Rutgers Future Scholars Program looks forward to helping you prepare for your future.





Scholars be sure to keep your information current, visit "MyRutgersFuture" as often as you wish but also after EVERY marking period to update your grades:  MyRutgersFuture

Within MyRutgersFuture you will:

  • Begin connecting with the RFS program and Scholars
  • Find out if you are "on target" for your college major
  • Learn what Rutgers can offer you now and as an undergraduate student
  • Connections to free and other activities of your interest
  • Connect with advisors, professors, and students from the majors you are interested in pursuing
  • AND begin your Rutgers application as early as 9th grade by submitting your grades quarterly

 Also be sure to be proactive and connect with the RFS Coordinators to:

  • Learn about free tutoring and enrichment programs during the academic year (after-school and Saturdays)
  • Advise you on your course selections
  • Attend mentoring and college readiness sessions
  • Take college tours and attend fairs
  • Prepare for the RFS Summer programs beginning in late June and ending through early August
  • Represent RFS at various events throughout the region




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Welcome Robert L. Barchi

20th President of
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey




"Rutgers, a great university with an outstanding faculty, is well
positioned  to seize the opportunities before us. It’s the right time.
It’s the right place. It’s time for Rutgers to assume the position of leadership.”


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