The Importance of Research, Assessment, and Shared Learning; Building a National Model

The Rutgers Future Scholars program gratefully acknowledges Luke Visconti, President and Founder of DiversityInc, for its generous support of research and providing a platform for sharing knowledge .




“Giving opportunities to children who are economically disadvantaged doesn’t stop at New Jersey’s borders. This program has a huge national potential,”


Luke Visconti, president and founder, DiversityInc


Rutgers Future Scholars Program is assessment driven.  Workshops, tutoring programs, summer academies and other core aspects are created in accordance with the needs and strengths demonstrated through multiple metrics on behalf of the Scholars.  This approach is unique.  Many programs evaluate their efficacy by outside evaluators after their first, second and third cohorts enter college or fail to do so.   The Rutgers program is utilizing continuous assessments to direct the specific coursework and extracurricular enrichment provided for our Scholars



To encourage similar movements on behalf of low-income, promising “Future Scholars” at the state and national level, it is imperative that Rutgers take the leadership to identify forums and media opportunities to communicate our mission, goals, strategies and research findings.    




  • The Class of 1965
  • Community Foundation of New Jersey
  • Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation
  • Fund for New Jersey
  • Henry E. Niles Foundation
  • Hyde and Watson Foundation
  • J. Seward Johnson Sr. 1963 Charitable Trust
  • The Nashed Family
  • New World Foundation
  • New Jersey Manufacturers
  • New Jersey Resources
  • Eyrique and Lisa Miller
  • The Prudential Foundation
  • PSEG Foundation
  • The Rodkin Family Foundation
  • The Reinhardt Family
  • Santander
  • The Schiano Family Foundation
  • Susquehanna Bank
  • Target Corporation
  • TD Bank
  • Victoria Foundation
  • WLK Solutions
  • Wells Fargo 
  • Xerox Foundation