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“The program instills adrenaline in my body and its heart fulfilling to know that I’m involved in something so uplifting. I know that with the help of this program and some hard work on my behalf, my success is un-limited because I have a tuition free college opportunity. Class-work, homework, tests, and quizzes are extremely important to me because I know that after the hard work, heavy rewards will come. I also have a sense of personal responsibility too, the idea of having a healthy future makes me feel as if volunteer service is something that I owe to my community for caring about my future and that’s why I volunteer my time to after school activities that will help to reshape my community.

So I ask that you invest some of your time to educate yourself on this spectacular program that is changing the lives of many families in New Jersey.”

Future Scholar, Class of 2017

Thank you for your interest in the Rutgers Future Scholars program, we encourage you to explore our Research section you will find articles that further clarify facets of the educational landscape.  Included therein is a focus on that which fosters success as well as the issues warranting further consideration. Examining these ideas and the research surrounding each brings the research community, educators, legislators and interested parties closer to learning how positive student outcomes can be achieved for all.

We encourage you to reach out to us to explore the possibilities.  

Aramis Gutierrez, Director

732-932-6712 or aramis.gutierrez@rutgers.edu


Welcome Robert L. Barchi

20th President of
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey




"Rutgers, a great university with an outstanding faculty, is well
positioned  to seize the opportunities before us. It’s the right time.
It’s the right place. It’s time for Rutgers to assume the position of leadership.”


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