Please take note of the following frequently answered questions, FAQ's:

  • I have a question about my RFS Scholarship, who do I contact? Please contact Director Gutierrez at  Please write your full name, RU school, include your RUID, and a clear and specific question.  We then can forward to the appropriate offices/person.
  • I want (or need) to live on campus and I am worried about taking out a loan, what should I do? If you are experiencing EXTREME financial hardship and need further review of your financial situation, please write a brief letter including your full name, RU School, RUID, and describe the circumstances.  The RFS Leadership Committee will review and respond accordingly.  Please send letter as an attachment (doc.x) to





Rutgers University Undergraduates:  Enrich your lives, Become a Mentor!


"The things you learn from being a part of the Rutgers Future Scholars Mentoring Program can not be learned anywhere else on campus. In the one semester I have been a part of the program I feel I have learned and grown an incredible amount. Through the in class academic component, the weekly Leadership Committee meetings, leading the Focus Group, attending events run by the program, and the last but surely not least mentoring sessions, I feel I have gotten more out of this program than anything else I have done since getting into Rutgers. I know that I am not the same person I was before becoming a member of the Rutgers Future Scholars Family. [If] everyone can experience the things that I have in this program I know they will come to love it as much as I do."




-Corey Caso, School of Arts and Sciences, Class of ‘13



We are looking for highly-motivated undergraduates like Corey who want to support promising local middle school and high school students to stay on a path towards college. Apply for this opportunity  that will prepare you to advise and mentor Rutgers Future Scholars in the New Brunswick and Piscataway high schools. You, as the Mentor, will learn how to effectively mentor Rutgers Future Scholars


Please join us for what will be an amazing opportunity to work with talented youth, learn about the factors that both stymie and support student success, and be a part of Rutgers University's key initiatives: The Rutgers Future Scholars Program.


Mentoring as a Public Service (3 credits) is available both at Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-New Brunswick. 


For more information please contact Mr. Aaron Reevey;  








Special Acknowledgement to Dr. Edward Ramsamy, Chair of the Department of Africana Studies,  our Fantastic Dream Team of RU Mentors, and our Friends at the

University of Washington’s DREAM PROJECT  



































Welcome Robert L. Barchi

20th President of
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey




"Rutgers, a great university with an outstanding faculty, is well
positioned  to seize the opportunities before us. It’s the right time.
It’s the right place. It’s time for Rutgers to assume the position of leadership.”


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