Summer Programs

Once the Future Scholars are selected from the four school districts, they will be invited to participate in programs each summer on their local Rutgers campuses.  The goals are to make the college campuses feel like a home away from home, boost academic skills in math, science, writing, literature and the arts. The scholars will explore careers and college majors in STEM fields and liberal and performing arts.  Designed in partnership with Rutgers University Schools and local school districts, each summer program will be thematic.  Credit and Non-Credit Courses and activities are intended to bridge the connection from the classroom to the real world with theme-based projects integrated into the curriculum.  Program methodology and curriculum is multisensory, interdisciplinary, and holistic.  Partnering with the local business community will allow the students to familiarize themselves with potential employers.  Most important, students will get an orientation to what is expected to be successful in high school and admissible to college.   

Academic Year Programs

Academic Mentoring: Future Scholars Ambassadors

For our Scholars, building a strong network of support is vital to their overall academic success and future professional career.  The Rutgers Future Scholars program will connect our students with a Future Scholars Mentor who will provide them with mentoring, tutoring and personal guidance.  They receive tutoring as necessary to strengthen their academic achievement.  Students may need personal counseling with issues in the areas of family or personal stress or health concerns.  The Mentors assigned to the students will connect them with Rutgers resources in the areas of social work or personal counseling.  

The network of Future Scholars Mentors provides a strong foundation of support for each Scholar.  This network of mentors may consist of an undergraduate student, a local professional, a community member, and a peer leader.  Mentors will identify areas where academic remediation or enrichment are necessary.  Additionally, Mentors will connect their Scholars to opportunities to promote career and college readiness.  

Local Cohort Meetings

Future Scholars from the same school district will take part periodically in cohort meetings.  This Cohort bonding will provide the chance for peers to interact and encourage each other.  Cohort meetings will take place monthly in the school district or on a Rutgers University local campus.

The purpose of the Local Cohort Meetings is to:
•    Develop a sense of kinship amongst the cohort class
•    Connect to mentors
•    Disseminate important program information

•    Provide academic and cultural enrichment support   


Rutgers Future Scholars Seminar Series

When the school year begins, Future Scholars will be provided with continuous support to assure success and motivation. We will build on key points from the summer and provide unique events throughout the year.  The Rutgers Future Scholars’ Seminar Series will consist of topics such as “Climbing the Academic Success Ladder”, “College Application Process”, “Financial Planning”. “Career Exploration” and “Avoiding High School Minefields.”  Future Scholars will meet Rutgers University stellar faculty and staff from over 100 major fields of study as well as inspiring Rutgers undergraduate and Alumni from all over the world. The seminar series will take place on a weekday evening or a Saturday approximately 5-7 times during the year.  The seminar series will conclude with a student produced convocation open to parents and sponsors and administrators.  

Social and Cultural Events

The development of an individual appreciation and understanding of cultural and artistic traditions assists in full participation in all levels of our society.  Therefore, the more enriched, diverse and inclusive our Future Scholars background, the greater their chances of developing social and professional networks of opportunities.  Future Scholars will be exposed to the fine and performing arts so readily available at Rutgers.  With its nationally recognized museums and art galleries, performing arts schools and notable actors, musicians, and Pulitzer Prize winning authors, there are always wonderful events and extraordinary people to meet and enjoy on Rutgers several campuses.  As part of our students overall development, the Rutgers Future Scholars program will host a number of cultural events throughout the year.




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