Welcome to Rutgers University


The RFS Class of 2018 are welcomed to campus and are greeted by Scholars from the Class of ’17 who share words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration.



Scholars Speak! – Alvaro, Class of 2017

Alvaro from Piscataway talks about what it means to be a Rutgers Future Scholar.

Scholars Speak! – Jocelyn, Class of 2017

Jocelyn from New Brunswick discusses how the Rutgers Future Scholars program is helping to shape her future.

The 2009 Marc Ecko Design Challenge

The RFS students competed to design a t-shirt for Rutgers University in conjunction with famous designer Marc Ecko. RFS faculty and scholars sound off about the opportunity to be a part of this activity, and of course, about meeting Mr. Ecko himself.

Scholars Speak! – Denzel, Class of 2017

Denzel from Piscataway speaks on how his family feels about his success in the RFS program.

Scholars Speak! – Cassidy, Class of 2017

Cassidy from Piscataway talks about the many ways the RFS program can benefit herself and her fellow scholars.