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empowers future generations.

I've always had big dreams. Now, I'm empowered to make them a reality. - Cecilia, RFS Newark, Class of 2018


Amazingly, it seems like just yesterday we welcomed you and your family to the Rutgers Future Scholars program.

Remember to keep the spirit of the Rutgers Future Scholars program in mind when you wake in the morning and prepare for a new day, as you walk through your schools and interact with your friends and teachers, and when you return home to your studies.

Try your best to motivate and empower yourself and inspire other Scholars and youth to excel academically and socially.

As you grow and evolve over the next few years, the Rutgers Future Scholars program looks forward to helping you prepare for your future.

Pre-college Information

Scholars, be sure to keep your information current, visit MyRutgersFuture as often as you wish, and after EVERY marking period to update your grades.

Within MyRutgersfuture You Will:

Connect with the RFS program and Scholars.

Confirm you’re “on target” for your college major.

Learn what Rutgers can offer you now and as an undergraduate student.

Have connections to free and other activities/interests.

Connect with advisors, professors, and students from the majors you are interested in pursuing.

AND begin your Rutgers application as early as 9th grade by submitting your grades quarterly.

Also, be sure to be proactive and connect with the RFS Coordinators to:

Learn about free tutoring and enrichment programs during the academic year (after school and Saturdays).

Get advice on your course selections.

Attend mentoring and college readiness sessions.

Take college tours and attend fairs.

Prepare for the RFS summer programs beginning in late June and ending early August.

Represent RFS at various regional events.

R U Ready For College?

To apply to Rutgers University as an undergraduate, begin by creating your Undergraduate Admissions account.

Rutgers Undergrad Admissions:

Need Help Applying to College?

The Coalition provides a single platform of online tools to assist in the experience of applying to college. With the Coalition platform, you can find out more about Coalition schools, share your locker with counselors, teachers, and mentors, and submit applications with ease.


Undergrads, Be a Mentor!

Inspire & Encourage Others

We are looking for highly-motivated undergraduates who want to support promising local middle school and high school students to stay on a path towards college.

Apply for this opportunity that will prepare you to advise and mentor Rutgers Future Scholars in the New Brunswick, Piscataway, Camden, Newark, and Rahway high schools.

You, as the Mentor, will learn how to effectively mentor Rutgers Future Scholars. Please join us for what will be an amazing opportunity to work with talented youth, learn about the factors that both stymie and support student success, and be a part of Rutgers University’s key initiatives: The Rutgers Future Scholars Program.

Get Credit When You Mentor

Mentoring as a Public Service (3 credits) is available both at Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-New Brunswick.

For more information, please contact Aaron Reevey

Credits Earned Mentoring: 3

Financial Faqs For Undergrads


I have a question about my RFS Scholarship, who do I contact?


Please contact Director Gutierrez at: aramis.gutierrez@rutgers.edu.

Please include:

Your full name

RU school

include your RUID, and

your clear and specific question.

We then can forward your question to the appropriate office/person.

Important Links

Financial Aid Award portal for Rutgers students.

Enrollment Pathway:

Portal for students to access important information about their admission.



I want (or need) to live on campus and I am worried about taking out a loan, what should I do?


If you are experiencing EXTREME financial hardship and need further review of your financial situation, please write a brief letter including:

Your full name

RU school

RUID, and

describe the circumstances.

The RFS Leadership Committee will review and respond accordingly. Please send letter as a doc.x attachment to:


Cecilia’s Story


“I knew early on that I wanted to earn a college degree. But my family’s finances were limited. So when I was accepted into the Newark Rutgers Future Scholars Program, I understood how the college access and scholarship program could change my life.

In seventh grade I began to prepare for college. Thanks to a four-year full scholarship from the program, I am now working toward a bachelor’s degree in public policy at Rutgers’ Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.

It lifted the burden of tuition off my parents’ shoulders and helped me become a first-generation college student, this is the reason Rutgers Future Scholars is the best thing to ever happen to my family.”