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As a Rutgers Future Scholar, you will experience academic growth, social development, and personal enrichment as you gain exposure to a wide range of academic and career fields. We will work as a team with you, your family, and your school to improve your academic achievement, to explore your interests and to provide you with assistance throughout your journey to higher education. You will have opportunities to attend cultural and athletic events as you experience college first-hand and are welcomed into the Rutgers University family.

In your journey, we will provide you with annual summer programs and support throughout the school year, which will consist of workshops after school and on Saturdays, as well as tutoring and mentoring services. As a Rutgers Future Scholar, you’ll be held to the highest expectations. We welcome you to learn more about how the Rutgers Future Scholars program can help you realize the possibilities.



You must live in New Jersey and be a student in one of the following public school districts (non-charter) schools:

  • Newark
  • Camden
  • LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden — a Rutgers University Affiliate
  • Rahway
  • New Brunswick
  • Piscataway


  • You must be in seventh grade.
  • You must be in good academic standing.
  • You must be a first-generation college student — neither your parent(s) or guardian(s) are four-year college graduates.
  • You must meet the financial need guidelines (for example, typically a NJ family of four at $45,000 or below).
  • You must be highly recommended by a teacher and/or your school administration.
  • You must have the full support for participation from your parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • You must attend summer enrichment programs during middle and high school years and Seminars on Saturdays/after school.







In the summer before eighth grade, Scholars attend a one-week program on the Rutgers campuses of New Brunswick, Newark, or Camden.

School buses will bring you each morning for breakfast followed by a day of exciting, interactive activities in reading, writing, math, physics, and chemistry. You will also take part in drama and dance productions and even create some short films. Most of all, you’ll learn that going to college is an important and valuable for your future.

You will be invited back during subsequent summers for more academically-enriching programs where you can actually live in campus residence halls and take classes that interest you most, such as law, medicine, engineering, teaching, or the dramatic arts. Best news of all, these opportunities are at no cost to you or your parents!


Your teenage years are a wonderful time in your life and a time of many challenges. Rutgers will be there to support you. We will invite you to be our guest on campus for informative seminars on:

  • How to succeed in your studies.
  • How to be admitted to college.
  • How to pay for college.
  • What careers to pursue, and most of all, how to believe in yourself.

You will also have the chance to attend exciting athletic and cultural events.

You will meet a dedicated and caring team of Rutgers students and staff who will serve as your guides for any and all concerns: academic, family, or personal.


As a Future Scholar, we want to help you get excellent grades in all of your subjects.

Through the Rutgers Future Scholars Program, you will receive tutoring in your most difficult subjects and training in the knowledge and skills you need to perform well on college admissions tests.



How can I apply?

Candidates are nominated by each school district. Applications are only available through your school’s guidance office.

How do I know if I am accepted into the program?

The Rutgers Future Scholars Program Admission Committee reviews all applications and makes all acceptance decisions. If selected, a representative will contact you. You will then receive a formal acceptance packet.

Is there a financial cost for me or my family if I am selected?

All RFS-supported programs are free for the Scholars. This is made possible in part by the generous support and contributions of our partnering corporations and caring individuals who believe in your potential and want to see you become successful.

If accepted, am I obligated to attend Rutgers University?

No, but we would very much love for you to attend Rutgers University — if you do, you will study for free. We hope you will have many options upon graduation, our main objective is to help you graduate from high school and be prepared for higher education.

If accepted into the Rutgers Future Scholars program, am I automatically accepted to Rutgers University?

No, however, we will help you prepare for both high school graduation and admission to college, including Rutgers.

If accepted, does Rutgers University pay for everything?

To be eligible for tuition scholarships, all Scholars must apply to Rutgers and be admitted. Tuition scholarships will be applied after all applicable Federal and State financial assistance awards are applied. Financial assistance for room and board (living on campus) is not guaranteed.

What if I graduate high school, but am not accepted to Rutgers University?

If Scholars are not admitted to Rutgers directly after graduating high school graduation, they have the option to attend a NJ Community College through an applicable Dual Degree Program; we will then honor the tuition scholarship for the final two years of study at Rutgers University upon acceptance.

Once accepted, do I have to attend all Future Scholars events?

You must attend all mandatory events, which will be provided to you in advance. Additionally, we also monitor your daily attendance at school. Activities are to help you with your studies and personal growth. Please see the RFS Policy Manual regarding attendance procedures.




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Applications period runs typically from February 15th through April 1st each year.

If you have any further questions, contact Program Director, Aramis Gutierrez:

848-932-6712 or